Electro - Technology

In the past, vessels were mainly equipped with mechanical equipment controlled by motors and electronics This is not the case today! Since the main engines themselves contain both electronic and electrical components to such a degree that companies now mann their vessels with equal numbers of mechanical engineers and electrical engineers.

Having an extensive understanding of electrical machines, automation, control theory, VFDs, electronics, etc. is a requirement for being a successful chief engineer of a vessel.

These things are reflected in the questions that appear on electrical exam question papers these days. Our coaching plan takes this into account!

In this program, we teach you all the basic and advanced knowledge necessary to pass the exam.


  • The subject is taught by Electrical Engineer (B.Tech).
  • The last 10 years’ question papers are covered.
  • The lecturer covers 8 topics
  • All the doubts are solved by faculty 24×7.
  • Topics covered: DC circuit, DC transient, AC: single-phase and three-phase, transformer, AC motors, AC generator, Electronics, etc.

Time Duration: Daily 2 hrs./Month

Fees: 13,000 INR

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