Applied Heat

Our goal is to make you understand the fundamentals of thermal engineering. In this course, you will become more proficient in shipboard thermal engineering concepts, such as refrigeration systems, steam turbine power plants, gas turbine power plants, I.C. engines, compressors, and many more, which make up the syllabus of Applied Heat.


Our faculty who handles the Applied Heat subject has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and has considerable experience teaching the subject for over a decade.

  • We solve all 10 previous year’s question papers in class.
  • Our faculty are available to clarify any concepts or answer any questions during business hours.
  •  All the doubts are solved by faculty 24×7.
  • Topics covered: Gas laws and processes, Gas cycles, Combustion, Refrigeration, Heat transfer, compressor, Steam Turbine, and Hydrodynamics.

Time Duration: Daily 2 hrs./ 2 Months

Fees: 15,000 INR

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